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10 Best Handgun Safes

gunvault multi vault 4 pistol safe

Tired of storing your handguns in a drawer? That’s not a very safe or smart option. What is a smart option is to have your handguns locked up securely out of the reach of kids or burglars while still being able to access your guns quickly if needed. In this article, we go over the 10 best handgun safes on the market today.

The Best Night Sights for Glock 19

best night sights for glock 19

Looking for a replacement set of sights for your Glock 19? Night sights might just be what you’re looking for and our experts found the best night sights for your Glock here.

The Best Night Vision Rifle Scope

best night vision scope

A good nightvision optic opens the door to night time hunting for hogs, coyotes or anything else that’s legal to hunt at night. Night vision scopes have also been used by the military for decades. For civilians, night vision is also useful for self and home-defense situations at night in low or no-light situations. We cover the two types of night vision for rifle scopes and which nightvision scopes are best for you.

The Best Glock 22 Laser Sights

glock 22 laser sight

We evaluated the best Glock 22 laser sights and our experts are sharing their recommendations in this article.

Best 1911 Red Dot Sights

best 1911 red dot sights

Interested in learning more about the best 1911 red dot sights? We’ve got the perfect review for you.

The Best Dual Beam Aiming Lasers (DBAL)

best dual beam aiming laser

Dual beam lasers display a high powered beam and are more powerful and visible than any old laser sight. Learn more about the best dual beam laser sights here.

Sig Romeo 5 Review

sig romeo 5 review

We’re digging deep into the sig romeo 5 this time. Learn more about all the pros, cons, and features of this popular sight.

Best Acog Scopes

best acog scope

Looking for the best ACOG scopes for mid to short range shooting? You’ve found the right place. Read this article to find out more.

Trijicon MRO Review

Trijicon MRO Review

Looking at reviews on your next red dot sight? Check out this article for the Trijicon MRO’s best and worst qualities, and if it’s worth the money.

Trijicon Accupower 1-4 Review

Trijicon Accupower

See what our experts have to say about one of the most popular rifle scopes in this tier.