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The Best Laser Sights – Our Top Picks for 2020

Below is a list of laser sights that we think are the best of the best laser sights for 2020. The list below includes the best gun lasers including laser sights for both rifles and handguns. Also be sure to browse the site and check out what we thought were the best laser sights for AR-15 as well as the best lasers for Glock.

All of the laser sights below have been graded on a combination of our personal reviews, average user reviews that we’ve found across the web and lastly value for your money.

1. Streamlight TLR-2 Laser Sight and Light Combo

The Streamlight TLR-2 laser sight is the perfect combination of a high-quality laser sight and a tactical flashlight. It’s relatively lightweight, small and effective.

streamlight laser sight

So far in our user tests for the Streamlight TLR-2, we’ve had zero issues with failure to function after repetitive shooting. This light doesn’t quit, unlike some cheaper lights.

The laser is great too. A bright green laser sight gives you quick target acquisition with the Streamlight and in combination with the tactical flashlight, would be a very effective carry weapon compliment or home defense laser sight.

It also gets great reviews on Amazon.

2. LaserMax Micro II Laser Sight


We love the Lasermax laser sight. It’s a perfect fit for most Glocks and this thing flat out works.

lasermax laser sight for pistols

The laser on this sight is seriously bright (green). Even in broad daylight, you could clearly see the laser dot. If you don’t know the difference between red and green lasers, make sure to read this article that goes over red vs. green lasers.

Another great feature of the Lasermax is it’s size. It’s so compact that you barely know this laser sight is on your accessory rail.

I’ve had experience with some of Lasermax’s guide rod laser sights in the past so I was expecting quality. That is exactly what I got with this laser sight on my Glock 19.

3. Crimson Trace Laser Grips

crimson trace laser grip laser sight

What else can be said about Crimson Trace laser sights for pistols other than…QUALITY! Crimson Trace is widely regarded as the leader in laser sights for handguns and rifles and their grip mounted laser sights are no exception.

When fit on my Glock 17, I could notice that this high quality laser grip sight was on my gun. It’s compact design makes for a very comfortable grip on the pistol without sacrificing accuracy.

It’s one of the best laser sights for concealed carry as well since there’s no button to press to activate, it’s ready when your hand is on your gun.

The absolute number 1 feature of the Crimson Trace laser grip sight is the fact that it’s so intuitive. You don’t need to play around with switches or do anything. Just grip the gun as normal and the laser sight turns on automatically. Holster the gun and the laser turns off. It’s perfect and I’m not the only person saying so.

4. Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Mount Laser Sight

crimson trace universal rail mount laser sight

The Crimson Trace Rail Master is an excellent laser sight for any pistol with a standard accessory rail. If you don’t want a grip laser sight because you think it might mess up your normal handgun grip (doesn’t for me) then this is a great option if you’re looking at a Crimson Trace laser.

What’s pretty cool about the Crimson Trace Rail Master laser sight is that it will fit any rail out there from standard picatinny rails to even weaver rails. It also has an auto shutoff mode so that you don’t drain the battery if you forget to turn the laser off. If you’re like me, that’s almost all the time!

Most likely the best feature of this particular laser is that it is very low-profile. It fit my standard IWB (inside the waistband) holster without any modification.

Oh, and the laser isn’t bad either. A fully adjustable red laser dot on this Crimson Trace laser sight is nice and bright. I was a little surprised at how well it showed up in broad daylight compared to some other red laser sights that I’ve tried.

Be sure to check out the stellar reviews and awesome price for this very versatile laser sight on Amazon.

5. Ade Advanced Optics Red Laser Light Combo

ade advanced optics red laser light combo sight

The Ade Advanced Optics laser sight and tactical light combo is a nice package at an affordable price. I still like the Streamlight TLR better, but the Ade laser sight is very nice for the money that you’re paying (under $80).

I think for once I finally bought a cheaper tactical flashlight under $100 that actually had a lumen rating that was as advertised. The brightness of the light was better than I had expected.

I’ll have a review on this laser light combination soon but for now, you can check out more information including pricing and reviews here.

6. Truglo Micro Tac Laser Sight

truglow micro-tac laser sight

If you’re OK with spending a little bit of extra money for a green laser sight (which we recommend you do), then this is the perfect match for your pistol.

It’s hard not to like this little green laser. It’s easy to use, fits great, can handle 9mm recoil with no problem without losing zero AND you might not even have to buy a different holster for it.

Bottom line: you won’t get much better in terms of a green laser for the money. Right now, it only costs a little bit over $100 on Amazon.

Want to save a little bit of money and go for the red version? That’s fine by us as well. Both versions are great but just don’t expect long range visibility in the daylight with the red one.

7. Ozark Armament Green Rifle Laser Sight

best laser sight ozark armament green laser

You know that saying, “you get what you pay for”, well this very well made and powerful rifle laser with momentary switch proves it wrong.

For around $50, you can get possibly the best rifle laser sight for your AR-15 or other rifle or shotgun. Don’t believe us, just check out the huge number of positive reviews on Amazon.

Helping Gun Owners Find the Best Laser Sight

Luckily for gun owners, there is a massive amount of options available on the market in terms of laser sighting systems for firearms. From AR-15 laser sights to grip lasers for your Glock, you've got options from the not so expensive to the top of the line lasers for your carry or home defense weapons.

This site was created to help educate smart gun owners on the differences between different gun lasers like color choice, size and profile to ergonomics like touch sensitive laser sights. We'll go over all the different options available and tell you about our favorite gun laser picks and the reasons why we chose them.

Why You Might Want a Laser Sight for Your Handgun or Rifle

Hey, we've been there. Originally, laser sights for guns were considered gimmicks. Why would you need a laser on your gun? Just use the iron sights like a "man", they said.

Well, those guys were flat out wrong. Having a laser sight on your firearm has a huge amount of benefits, most importantly, quick target acquisition. This is particularly true in a home defense or personal defense situation where you're under a huge amount of stress. Sure, going shooting at the range is one thing, but how about when the adrenaline is pumping overtime and your hands are shaking? Do you really think that you can line up the sights and make an accurate shot quickly? Maybe you can or can't but I'd rather not risk it.

Laser sights combined with a good flashlight or laser/light combo can save your life. Thanks for visiting Gun Laser Guide and make sure to contact us if you have any questions or have an article idea.

If you want more reasons on why you should be carrying a laser sight on your gun, check out this article here.

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The Most Popular Laser Sight Manufacturers

Below are some links to laser sight manufacturer websites for your reference.

  • Crimson Trace - Crimson Trace is a very popular manufacturer of laser sighting systems for handguns and rifles.
  • LaserMax - A high quality manufacturer of gun lasers with options including guide rod lasers and rail mounted laser sights.
  • Viridian - Viridian makes green laser gun sights for all types of pistols and rifles.
  • Laserlyte - Laserlyte makes some very cool laser gun sights that are often tailored to a specific model of handgun.

Sighting in a Laser Sight for Your Pistol

Below is a great video from Crimson Trace showing how to sight in your new laser sight. Crimson Trace is widely considered the leader in pistol lasers and there's some great info in the video below especially for someone who is new to laser sights and wants to get an idea of how they work with guns. Check out some of Crimson Trace's laser sighting products by clicking here.