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The Best 1911 Shoulder Holster – Top Picks

Your 1911 is just crying out to be carried in a high-quality shoulder holster. You need something that is durable, comfortable and won’t fail you as you wear it day in and day out like a good concealed carrier should.

the best shoulder holster for your 1911

Our experts found some of the best 1911 shoulder holsters for your review in this guide. Let’s get started!

Genuine Leather Holster from XCH for 1911 Handguns

This is a 100% genuine leather shoulder holster that will grip your 1911 perfectly and keep it from sliding around underneath your jacket. It allows for either horizontal or vertical carry positions, and ambidextrous use.

Specifically designed for the 1911, it might be a tight fit if you have a rail under the slide, so bulkier 1911s may not work in this holster. If you have a regular style 1911 with a smooth frame, you should have no problems. It’s also not appropriate for weapons with larger sighting systems, such as holographic sites, or even the large adjustable rear sight of the Springfield TRD. This is a simple holster that doesn’t care for extra bulk.

I really like it for my Colt 1911 and it’s on sale right now on Amazon.

Condor Tactical Vertical Shoulder Holster

A very comfortable, modular design from Condor Outdoors. The shoulder harness is padded, and the whole system is fully adjustable. Comes with a double mag pouch, and made from nylon webbing, which keeps the weight down.

The holster itself is very roomy, and will fit just about any 1911, unless you have a flashlight or a 1911 laser sight attached to the rail. It will even work with some low profile laser mechanisms. The tension this holder is under with the belt clips feels flimsy but seems to hold well. The attachment mechanism could be better, and it can be a little tight on broad-shouldered football players, but overall, for the price, it’s hard to beat this nylon holster.

Federal Holsterworks Gun Shoulder Holster with Double Mag Pouches for 1911

Federal Holsterworks does a fine job at making a nylon shoulder holster for your 1911. This one is designed for horizontal harry and right handed use, but a clever person might find a way around that inconvenient fact. The belt straps are quick and easy to tighten up, making this a lightweight and comfortable setup for everyone.

While slide length isn’t really an issue, as the holder and strap combo can accommodate a full-size 5 inch barrel, any accessories you might have on your 1911 are a no-go.

The mag pouches are extra-large, allowing an extra inch or so for 10 round extended mags, which are my choice for backup ammo. The pouches are actually wide enough for double-stack magazines. So you’re covered if you feel like swapping to a different 45 for a day.

The price on this particular 1911 holster is right as well.

Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System

Without getting too excited, this is the leather holster you always wanted. The build quality and materials are outstanding, as is the fit. The mag pouches are solid and just rigid enough. This is a nostalgic design that fits well, and is trusted by law enforcement and military. Weapon tension is adjustable with a screw, which you can lock down with nail polish.

This isn’t going to be the cheapest 1911 holster around, and the tie down straps cost more than some other holsters, but if you want the best, without going to a custom leather worker, it comes at a price.

That said, this system is not the best for everyone. Some people don’t like leather, in which case the lower cost nylon options will be better. This holster is also not cross trained. It will hold your 1911 just fine, but other pistols aren’t going to work.

If you want a high-quality leather holster for your 1911, this one is worth considering.