Best Dual Beam Aiming Lasers

More often than not, there is a high probability that no matter if you are a civilian who likes to shoot recreationally, someone who has firearms for home defense, or are in the armed forces, that at some point you will be in a situation where you need to hit a target in either low or no-light conditions.

best dual beam aiming laser

Particularly for hunters, this situation is extremely common because some of the most successful hunting occurs just before sunrise, at dusk, or just before nightfall.

In these less than ideal lighting conditions, it can be a challenge to quickly and accurately zero in on your target. One of the best ways to overcome this issue is by purchasing a dual beam aiming laser, which are explicitly created to help you rapidly acquire your target and aim in low or no light situations.

You will want a laser that is durable, sleek, and has an effective green laser beam and red laser pointer. Here are some of the best dual beam aiming lasers on the market today to help you decide which one might be just right for you.

Steiner eOptics DBAL-12 Dual Beam Aiming Laser Intelligent

The DBAL-12 is one of the most, if not the most, popular dual beam aiming laser currently available. Yet, even at the comparitively lower price point, you still get all of the quality you expect from a brand like Steiner.

best dual beam aiming laser

The DBAL-12 is made with aircraft-grade aluminum to guarantee it will have excellent longevity while still being sturdy. The weight is still considered slight, but coming in at around 14.4 ounces, it is something to be aware of.

It is also waterproof for up to 30 minutes if submerged in 1 meter of water. The DBAL-12 provides extreme accuracy via either the green aiming laser or infrared laser pointer.

Depending on the weather or light level, you can choose which beam will be the most effective and activate it using the manual push-button.

If you opt to use the pad, one tap will activate the beams temporarily, while two taps will turn the selected beam on for 5 minutes.

Mounting is simple thanks to the pre-drilled holes or the quick release HT mount. One of the most significant issues that seems to be plaguing the DBAL-12 is the overly sensitive battery terminals.

When installing or switching out the batteries, you have to be careful to ensure the spring on the batteries is fully seated against the terminal; otherwise, your beam will be inconsistent in performance.

Steiner eOPtics Civilian Dual Beam Aiming Laser DBAL-A3

The DBAL-A3, or Civilian, was previously only approved for military use, but now that it’s available commercially, it is definitely worth a celebration.

The Civilian is built with a 6061T-6 aluminum alloy housing encased in a scratch and corrosion-resistant type III anodized hard-coat finish, which is not only extraordinarily durable but also water-tight up to 16 feet.

The real highlight of the Civilian, though, is that it not only provides one of the first eye-safe infrared laser pointers but that it also is one of the first to have a defocused adjustable IR illumination technology.

The green aiming laser on the Civilian is impressive and can be seen at a distance of 50 feet during the day and 820 yards at night without needing NVDs, and with NVDs, the infrared laser can be seen at up to 275 yards whether it is daylight or night time.

The Civilian has dual activation allowing you turn on the laser beam you require using either the integrated push-button activation or a remote activation pressure pad.

If you opt to use the pressure pad, one tap will turn on the laser temporarily, and two taps for 5 minutes of continuous use. As an added bonus, the Civilian also has finger-adjustable point correction.

The only possible con for the Civilian is the higher price point but considering all that it has to offer plus the list price of its competitors, it’s not much of a con at all.

Steiner eOptics DBAL-D2 Dual Beam Aiming Laser with IR LED Illuminator

The DBAL-D2 is one of the most well-known and popular, Infrared illuminators, or IR, currently available. This is in large part to its innovative diode technology.

best dual beam laser

The IR technology is meant to be used alongside G1-GX night vision goggles and offers several IR beam options to best suit your needs.

At night you can scroll through illumination functions for an IR aiming point, a low-intensity IR illuminator, and high-intensity IR illuminator and aiming point, and finally, a high-intensity IR illuminator by itself.

The DBAL-D2 also has both high and low-intensity green aiming lasers that work perfectly to zero the co-aligned laser aiming dots and help sight in your target rapidly and accurately during the day.

The DBAL-D2 also provides a high definition aspherical telescopic lens, and you can adjust the illumination beam anywhere between 2°to 30° for optimal customization using the enhanced end cap on the bezel; these two items together can illuminate distances over 1000 meters away.

The DBAL-D2 is made for a standard Picatinny rail using their self-adjusting Quick Release HT Mount and is waterproof for submersion in up to 5 meters.

The DBAL-D2, like the other Steiner eOptics dual beam aiming lasers, also has fully adjustable windage and elevation and the standard 2-year warranty through Steiner that covers workmanship issues.

The DBAL-D2 is an excellent dual laser beam aiming sight, though it is best suited to hunting as opposed to home defense or combat situations.

The reason for this is that the Infrared laser beam is incredibly bright and easy to see with the naked eye, making it optimal for targeting animals, but easy to spot by another person in a combat or an intruder making your position visible and removing the possibility of a surprise attack.

The other point of contention for many people is also the higher price point. Yet, the quality you receive for that price and the attention to detail makes the added cost well worth it in the long run.

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