Best Laser Sights for Glock: The Ultimate Guide

Glocks and laser sights go together like milk and cookies. As a Glock owner, you know that your gun is super-customizable with everything from custom slides, grips, iron sights, etc. available. You might also be asking yourself what the best laser sights for Glock are. Well, today’s your day.

crimson trace universal rail mount laser sight

You’ve got a TON of options when it comes to Glock lasers. Our ultimate guide to the best laser sights for your Glock will hopefully point you in the right direction.

What to Look for in a Glock Laser Sight

Let’s get started. But first, we need to know what to look for and why in Glock laser sighting systems.

Fit and Finish of Glock Laser Sights

Nobody wants a quarter inch of plastic hanging off their Glock or a laser housing that isn’t quite the right color in comparison to the frame of their Glock pistol.

There are quite a few cheap lasers out there that just kind of hang off of your picatinny rail and then there are some that fit nice and flush and just “feel” like their quality.

You want the latter. This also makes a difference when we’re talking about how your laser-sighted Glock will fit into a holster, but that’s another topic.


Glock makes some of the most reliable handguns in the world, your laser sight needs to be reliable as well. First and foremost, your Glock laser needs to be able to handle the recoil of your pistol.

I’ll tell you right now, not every laser sight out there can withstand continuous vibration from 9mm fire and still work every time.

Brightness of the Laser

A dim laser is absolutely useless for your Glock. Especially if you carry one everyday. Generally speaking, green lasers will be much brighter than red lasers as we discussed in our red vs. green laser sights article. If you’re using it for EDC (every day carry), you should be using a green laser sight for your Glock carry pistol.

Our Top Ranked Laser Sights for Glock Pistols

We’ve chosen our top 3 picks for Glock laser sights. All of these are very well reviewed, have an average rating of over 4 stars and are quality built to work reliably on your Glock pistol.

Without further delay, here are the best laser sights for Glock below.

TOP PICK: Crimson Trace Laser Grip for Glock

Having owned these laser grips for both my G17 and Glock 19 handguns, I know that these are the best laser sights on the market today. No on/off switch, no fumbling around. You just place your hand on the gun normally and you’re ready to go.

crimson trace laser grip laser sight

One of the best things about the Crimson Trace laser grip sights is that installing them on your Glock is so easy. All it takes is the replacement of a stock grip pin with the slightly larger Crimson trace pin (to accommodate the grip laser) and you’re done. It takes all of 5 minutes to do. Plus, the grip laser sight frees up your Glock’s picatinny rail for a nice light (we recommend the Streamlight TLR-8).

Some people don’t like that the grip laser makes your Glock’s grip a little bit bigger. I disagree with that. My hands are pretty big and I actually get a more positive grip on the gun with the Crimson Trace laser attached (on a Glock 17). I could see how the laser grip might help people with bigger hands grasp the smaller Glock 19 as well.

Check the best prices on Crimson Trace grip lasers for your Glock by clicking here.

Crimson Trace Laser Grip Laser Sight Video Review

Here’s an awesome overview video of the Crimson Trase laser grip sight for Glock. The firearms instructor in the video goes over why he likes laser sights and what the Crimson Trace lasergrip has to offer.

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser for Glock

Although I don’t own this laser personally, several of my buddies own these guide rod laser sights for Glock and absolutely swear by them. I think I know what they mean.


One thing about owning a laser sight for any handgun is the fact that you’re going to need a different holster because the sight won’t fit in most conventional holsters.

Another problem is that once you have the rail mounted laser installed on your Glock, you don’t have any room for a light because your rail is taken up. The LaserMax guide rod laser takes care of both of these issues (to be honest, the Crimson Trace mentioned above does too).

The following video by Colion Noir (pretty good YouTube gun channel) explains his thoughts on buying a Glock 27 and being surprised to find the Lasermax guide rod laser installed.

It is a little pricy though (around $300 for the LaserMax) but it seems to be a great laser for your Glock. I have to rank it #3 on this list since I don’t actually own it but I have several very trusted friends that love it. The reviews for this guide rod laser sight are also pretty good on Amazon.

Viridian C5 Universal Sub-Compact Laser Sight

You know what Viridian makes? Laser sights. In fact, they make some of the best in the world. The Viridian C5 is a very well constructed compact laser sight that’s going to fit basically any Glock you own very snugly.

The laser on this thing is basically brighter than you’ll ever need, but you want it anyway. It’s got a 5mW peak laser brightness – extremely bright. So bright that you could see the dot for miles at night. During the day, it’s still very bright.

We highly recommend the Viridian C5 because it’s probably the best laser sight you could buy for a sub-compact Glock.

When you’re betting your life on a laser sight to work (CCW), I’d bet on this one.

Which Laser Sight is Right for Your Glock?

In this post, we’ve gone through 3 different laser sights for Glock. Surprisingly, they’re not all rail mounted lasers either.

Keep in mind what features are most important to you in a laser sight for your Glock and choose accordingly. We think the three mentioned above are definitely the best laser sights for Glock on the market.

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