Gun Sights and Scopes

Check out all of our posts regarding sights for firearms including laser sights, gun mounted flashlights, ACOG sights, red dot sights and other sighting systems for your gun.

Best Laser Sights For AR-15

best laser sights for ar-15

Our top picks for our favorite rifle – the AR-15. Read more here.

How to Use a Laser Bore Sight

how to use a laser bore sight

Find out the proper way to sight in your gun with a laser bore sight.

Choosing The Best Scope for Your AR-15

ar scope

In a world full of gun scopes, how do you choose the best one for your “baby”? We tackle this problem and more in our helpful guide to choosing the best scope for your AR.

Best Multi Reticle Sight For Tactical Shooting

best multi-reticle sight

What’s the best multi-reticle sight for my firearm? Learn more here.

Best Thermal Scopes For Nighttime Shooting

best thermal scopes

Knowing what to shoot in an empty field might sound impossible, but it’s certainly possible with thermal scopes. Learn more in this article.

Best Scope Ring Mounts For Rifles

best scope ring mounts

What’s the best ring mount for your firearm? Learn more in this article here.

Best Prism Scopes For Outdoor Shooting

best prism scopes

Looking for the best prism scopes that are built for all-purposes and levels of light? Don’t struggle shooting in low light environments anymore. Learn more here.

Best Iron Sights For The AR-15

best iron sights ar15

Take a look through the best iron sights for the AR-15 here.

EOTech XPS2 Review

eotech xps2 review

The EOTech XPS2 is probably the best holographic sight in the world for your AR or equivalent rifle platform. It’s built like a tank, trusted by the military and it flat out does it’s job every time. Read on to see what our experts thought about this impressive holographic sight.

EOTech vs. Aimpoint: A Comparison

aimpoint vs eotech

Are you comparing EOTech vs. Aimpoint? Our experts explain the what each company does best and recommend some cool optics for you.


Vortex SPARC 2 Review

vortex sparc 2 review

The Vortex SPARC 2 is one awesome red dot sight for the money. Our experts tried it out and are now sharing their experience in our latest post.

The 3 Best Carry Handle Scopes for Your AR-15

best carry handle scope for ar-15

Some think it’s nearly impossible to find a good scope to go on top of your carry handle but it’s really not. See which carry handle scopes we picked in this post.

The Best Leupold Scopes for 308 Rifles

best leupold scopes for 308 rifles

Need a Leupold for your .308? We narrowed it down to the best scopes for your 308 caliber rifle in this post.

Sig Sauer Romeo Red Dot Sight Review

sig romeo 5 red dot sight review

In the market for a quality red dot sight that is affordable and dependable? The Sig Sauer Romeo is just the ticket. Read our latest review to see what our experts thought about it.

The 4 Best Rifle Scopes Under $200

best scope under $200

By the time you’ve bought the gun, added any accessories, bought a case and bought ammo, you’ll be begging for a decent budget rifle scope. At least that’s the way most folks I know do it. In this post, we’re going to show you which rifle scope to buy for the best value under $200.

The Best Springfield M1A Scope Mounts

the best springfield m1a scope mount

Get the best scope mount for your M1A rifle. See which scope mounts our experts chose as the best of the best in our latest post.

The Best Lasers for Sig P938

best laser for sig p938

Find out what the best laser sight is for your Sig P938 – it could even save your life!

The Best CQB Scopes and Optics

best cqb scope

Need a close range optic? Our experts collected info and reviewed the best CQB scopes for your AR or other tactical rifle in this post.

The Absolute Best Scopes for 300 Blackout

best scope for 300 blackout rifles

The 300 Blackout rifle round is one hell of a bullet. You don’t have to spend a boatload of money for the perfect scope to match your rifle though. In this post, we show you our top picks for the best scopes for 300 Blackout rifles.

The Best Scopes for Your 45-70

the best 45-70 rifle scope

The 45-70 cartridge definitely packs a punch. But can you actually put that power downrange? With the right scope you can. See which scopes we think are best for 45-70 rifles.