The Best Sling for Your AR-15 – Expert Picks

Having a good sling on your AR-15, whether it’s a 1, 2 or 3 point sling, can be extremely useful. An AR-15 sling helps you carry your weapon, steady it while shooting and keep your AR where you need it at all times.

*Just Updated for November 2017

best sling for ar-15 rifles

We did the research and found 4 of the best slings for AR-15 on the market today. We looked at usability, price to value ratio and also aesthetics.

1. Blackpowder Products Original Series The Claw Rifle Sling

When it comes to a good rifle sling, sometimes simpler is better. Don’t worry about getting a fancy sling if its primary purpose is going to be to carry your rifle while hunting varmints. This one is here for the AR15 hunters, or plinkers that just need to free up their hands while moving equipment from the truck to the range and back.

The stretchy, integrated padding material not only makes this sling comfortable for a day of walking or hiking, but it also helps to keep your rifle right where you left it.

At a maximum length of 44 inches, it’s more than capable for supporting your offhand shooting. Even larger shooters will find it perfect for carrying your AR-15 securely on your back. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Comfortable, secure, quality parts, includes swivels, but it’s a simple sling with very little cosmetic appeal.

2. Two Point Paracord Sling for AR-15 Rifles

Here’s an AR15 sling that is absolutely perfect for all your survival guys and gals that are in love with paracord everything, you know who you are. Adjustable from 33 to 44 inches, it carries a large mass of paracord for those last-ditch times when you need some extra cord.

The parachute chord has an added bonus of making this sling pretty darn comfortable to wear, and it’s length makes it great for a stability assist when shooting offhand. It comes with swivels that will clip directly to your AR15, making set-up quick and easy.

If you aren’t a fan of paracord items, you’re probably rolling your eyes by now, but for those who are looking for a way to carry some extra cord with them, this is perfect. Makes a great gift for that survivalist-type in the family as well, and at a decent price point.

3. BDS 2 Point Rifle Gun Sling

Here’s one for the tactical crowd. The first thing I noted on this sling was adjustability. Amazing. It can run from a tight fitting 22 inches for the smallest shooters, all the way out to 56 inches. It’s truly a one-size-fits-all sling. It is constructed of several pieces, features quick clips to attach it to your AR15, and lightning fast adjustment.

If you aren’t sure what sling to buy, get this one. It’ll mount to any of your rifles, so even if you decide on something else later for your AR15, you can always save this guy for the 30-06, or that old SKS.

The only downsides I can find with this sling are what I like to call “personal issues.” For this writer, in particular, the extra buckles seem to be a bit much. If you need more than a 2-point, then there are other options out there.

4. Condor Adder Dual Point Bungee Sling

This is the single-point sling that everyone is talking about. Super song, stretchy webbing, and no-nonsense AR15 attachment system for competition shooting.

Hopefully us civilians won’t ever see a combat situation where we need to carry our rifle at the ready for prolonged periods of time, but for you guys downrange who are maybe looking to soup up your M4 (thanks for your service, btw), competition shooters, combat-training, etc., this sling is what you need. It also makes an awesome way to keep your home defense rifle ready for business.

For anyone proficient with single-point slings, this is the one to look at. It can hang a little long, so you might want to knot it somewhere to shorten it up.

5. Blue Force Gear – Padded AR-15 Sling

Whether you’re shooting at a range, in the field or in your backyard, heavy duty shooters who plan on hiking or being with their rifle for hours a day should give serious consideration to the newest offering from Blue Force Gear. The Vickers Combat Applications Sling is another two-point sling that is designed for professional shooters who operate in the harshest environments. With Larry Vickers, a retired Delta Force operator, personally designing this sling, you know it’s designed to stand up to the toughest situations imaginable.

What’s so great about it? First, it’s a totally military-grade AR-15 sling. Made from a combination of polymer, composite materials, and steel, this primarily nylon sling lets you use multiple configurations for the sling. It won’t hang up in your gear and mounts to any rifle that sports a 1.25-inch swivel. If you want a simple, battle proven sling, this is the one to consider.

6. Lanhe Tactical Two-Point AR-15 Sling

In the market for a tactical two-point sling? If you are, you know that there is a lot to like about one-point retention. They’re simple and that means there is less to fumble with in a high stress environment. Looping the strap around your shoulder and fixing it to your AR-15 means that you’ve got positive retention through the best of times and the worst of times. There’s a reason why people who rely on their firearms turn to two-point slings and there’s an even better reason why they tend to keep turning to the Lanhe Tactical two-point adjustable sling.

With a trauma and shock absorbing bungee section, your rifle will be able to fall freely at your side without putting undue stress or strain on your neck or shoulders. With an ultra-heavy duty 1.25-inch nylon strap construction, this strap will likely outlast you or your rifle. What makes this sling worth the higher price point? It comes complete with a fully adjustable and breathable neck pad, an adjustable D-Ring, and a removable strap that allows for a full range of adjustable carry options.

7. Hongmei Outdoors – 550 Paracord 2-Point Sling

If you’re looking for a large sling that is comfortable for a large shooter, this is your best buy. Made of durable 550 paracord, this sling can even be taken apart in a tight situation to provide potentially lifesaving paracord. It’s a highly functional 2-point sling that comes with a tremendously comfortable neck pad. The paracord component of the sling is removable without impairing the functionality of the sling. If you’re looking to choke down of the rifle and keep a higher level of control over your AR-15, remove the paracord. If you want to maximize comfort, simply snap it back on and you’ll be able to move around freely without running an undue risk of tearing fabric.

When properly configured this mount supports shooters by giving an adjustable length of up to 5.2 feet. This sling is one of the few ones that allow you to keep positive retention without risking undue snaring or tangling. If you want something that supports your rifle and will never hold you back, this is the 2-point AR-15 sling to buy.

8. Spec-Ops SLING 101 3-POINT SLING for AR15

With so many choices on the market when it comes to AR15 slings, the Spec-Ops Sling 101 offers a unique 3-point option. Surprisingly simple in design and use, the sling is designed for any full-sized rifle. It’s a fully customizable sling that comes in a variety of color options. Whether you’re looking for a dark green, brown or black, this sling will pair well with any selection of camouflage and will follow you into the most challenging hunting environments imaginable. Considering that this sling also features a quick-release, it is obvious to see why so many hunters and pro-shooters are excited to use the Spec-Ops sling wherever they take their AR-15.

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